M SORA d.d. produces timber windows which are also made of thermally modified spruce. They developed window Nature Optimo XLT that is made of thermally modified spruce according to Silvapro® procedure with λ = 0,09 W/mK. Window is 110 mm thick and achieves Uw value 0,66 W/m2K. Window is certified as passive window at world leading institute - Passihaus institute (PHI) and owns title of financially most cost effective PHI certified timber passive window. This window will be optimized and upgraded with protective wax developed by Silvaprodukt d.o.o.

Silvapro® thermally modified wood is a process of thermal modificiation developed by Silvaprodukt d.o.o. It is an advantageous method for thermal wood modification. Silvapro® thermally treated wood has already been the basis of the successful collaboration between both parties prior beginning of the project and it will be material of choice in forthcoming common project.

Window will be surface treated with special protective naturally based wax. SILVAPRODUKT d.o.o. has developed an advantageous formulation prototype of innovative wood protective wax. Formulation prototype will be optimized and applied in forthcoming common project.