WP1: Wax application on SILVAPRO® thermally modified spruce wood

The application of the innovative protective wax on the SILVAPRO® thermally modified spruce wood window profiles will be optimised with the aim of obtaining the desired equality of surface treatment in the prototype scantlings.


WP2: Preparatory activities

The most representative European climate areas in which commercial activity will be developed will be studied in order to gather the information about the environments to which WINTHERWAX will be exposed to. Three tests will be prepared. They will be carried out in WP3 in order to understand and model the behaviour of the waxed wood. They are test in controlled conditions, on-site tests, and accelerated ageing test. They will be performed on two kinds of wood with different coating options. In WP2 exact planning and setting of these tests will be performed.


WP3: Behaviour testing and modelling of  SILVAPRO® thermally modified spruce wood with innovative wax

The three tests will be carried out and the behaviour of the SILVAPRO® thermally modified spruce wood with innovative wax will be tested and modelled, with the aim of predicting the overall performance of the window in the several climates and conditions. Several subcontractors (SP, Inspiralia, University of Hannover, University of Ljubljana) will carry out tests and be responsible for gathering data and preparing reports.


WP4: Industrialisation

The necessary adjustments of the product and in the process will be made in order to set the production process line in M SORA’s factory into an industrial production.


WP5: Exploitation and Commercialisation

In this work package a business plan will be elaborated and IPR of the knowledge generated during the project will be managed.


WP6: Dissemination and communication plan

The dissemination and communication plan will be elaborated in order to maximise the impact of the project, looking for inserting WINTHERWAX in the market. As part of the dissemination plan, technical papers will be published in specialised journals, and whenever handing in public deliverables, press releases will be elaborated. We are planning to assist several fairs and conferences for promoting WINTHERWAX. As part of the communication plan, website dedicated to the WINTHERWAX project will be created with the aim of publishing the project itself, its results, advances, etc. Also advertisements will be placed in printed media network specialised in architecture, construction sector, environmental issues, etc. During the project we plan to make relations with organisations related to passive houses and nearly-zero energy buildings (e.g. Passivhaus Institute). Additionally, we plan to regularly prepare and publish press releases for the general non-specialized audience.


WP7: Project management


The daily management of WINTHERWAX project and its advancement is procured under this work package. Technical and administrative aspects of the project will be assumed by the managerial structure created for this purpose, consisting in a technical coordinator and a commercial coordinator both reporting to the project coordinator.