M SORA d.d.  




M SORA´s main business is woodworking. Production and installation of doors and windows is a specialty. M SORA has also commercial activity concerning wholesale of materials for doors and windows, sale of construction materials and reproductive material for agriculture, sale (wholesale and retail) of hardware, household items/appliances and foodstuffs. M SORA is organised in three main units: Joinery (production of windows and doors), Norica (wholesale of building joinery hardware) and stores (everyday goods, building materials). M SORA Joinery is the unit in which this project will be directly developed. A wide range of windows including lift-slide windows and panoramic lift-slide windows are produced. M SORA has a wide range of specialists for passive windows, and has already certified 6 windows by the Passive House Institute so far.







Silvaprodukt d.o.o. is a Slovenian SME founded in 1951 by the government, with the aim of taking advantage of forestry side products, so we produced essential oils from conifers. Soon, around 1956, it has been realised that the real needs of the market were slightly different. Business approach was shifted, switching to becoming a producer of wood protection products. With trial production of impregnating salts and pastes for wood preservation, as well as bandages and aps for protecting wooden poles and posts. At District Court Ljubljana company was firstly registered in 1974. In the years that followed some other products in the field of wood preservation (e.g. fire retardants, etc.) were developed. Large breakthrough happened in last decade after demanding ownership consolidation and intensive collaboration with institutions of knowledge. In that time some highly advanced products were developed and introduced to the market (new environmentally friendly wood preservatives, technology and equipment for thermal wood modification, etc.). Silvaprodukt became top expert in wood preservation and protection against main concerns such as cracking and burning. Nowadays the enterprise is owned by its employees. Silvaprodukt has a long tradition in the field of wood preservation and can offer deep professional knowledge and some highly advanced industrial equipment developed in recent years.